Finding Hope in Hopelessness


I’ll never forget the morning my uncle, an uncle I work with, called me into an office to discuss “something” with me.  Having worked in different departments this “meeting” that was called was very out of the ordinary.  I stepped into the office unaware of the bombshell that was coming.  “I have cancer.  Multiple Myeloma, […]

Breast Cancer Awareness: My Story

breast cancer

I’ve always known that life can change in an instant.  One day everything is great and the next your world can come tumbling down.  We’re surrounded by people who are experiencing life in the same way.  My personal friends and acquaintances have had difficult challenges to face and I’ve been watching from the sidelines, offering […]

The Power of Touch


Life on a farm is a wonder to behold!  The miracle of birth.  The newness of life. The never ending cycle of nature.  As I quietly escorted my two younger children into the barn where the newly hatched chicks were now being kept, I reminded them to be extra careful about where they stepped and […]