Finding Hope in Hopelessness

I’ll never forget the morning my uncle, an uncle I work with, called me into an office to discuss “something” with me.  Having worked in different departments this “meeting” that was called was very out of the ordinary.  I stepped into the office unaware of the bombshell that was coming.  “I have cancer.  Multiple Myeloma, an incurable cancer to be exact.”  Wait, cancer? Incurable? One a time; how do you process, yet alone respond to such news coming from what you have always deemed a perfectly healthy human being?  Going from a cheery demeanor to a very awkward, blindsided feeling, all I could think was, “what now?”  There was further explanation as to how this discovery came about, his emotional state in the situation that was now upon him, and his plan for treatment.  Being a very spiritual man, he expressed to me that he was already working with a holistic doctor for treatment alternatives.  It seemed very important to him that narcotics and aggressive chemo wasn’t his first choice of treatment as he didn’t feel God had placed him on this earth to essentially “poison” his body with such medicinal options.  I admit that this shocked me as I have always feared cancer and assumed I would take the most aggressive approach to combat such a disabling disease.  His holistic approach was admirable and he seemed to be handling his predicament in a very inspiring way.

My mind flooded with questions all day, as well as shock; my uncle would be the first family member in a long line of longevity to develop any type of cancer.  I felt confused, and ached at the thought of having to watch a family member begin this fight for his life, especially since we had just lost my husband’s uncle to Melanoma days before this discovery at the young age of 58.  My hope in life seemed all but lost.  As I took the long way home from work that day to process the information, I had a very strong thought come to my mind that I couldn’t ignore.  What if I had something that could help my uncle?  Ok, let’s be clear, his cancer is incurable, could anything really help him?

I got home and called my dad, his brother.  I asked him if he thought I was crazy for an idea I had.  My uncle wanted to take a holistic approach to this battle; what if I introduced him to doTERRA?  Specifically, what if I introduced him to the doTERRA line of supplements?  I felt conflicted about bringing this up with my uncle because I didn’t want him to think I was trying to take advantage of his situation by pushing these products on him as so often that can be perceived.  And I was still unsure of his thoughts on holistic care concerning essential oils.  My dad and I agreed that we would purchase the supplements and oils that I wanted to have him try and we would donate them to him.  My dad called him and shared the idea and he was ecstatic.  He felt so blessed that we would share the knowledge we had of holistic care with him and that we cared enough to do so.  I put a “care” package together for him that included Life Long Vitality, DDR Prime, Frankincense, and Lemon.  I explained to him an approach we felt could possibly help; the “hail Mary” in his given situation.  He agreed to give it a shot.

I had really no expectations for how this little plan would go over given his diagnosis.  I, myself, had never faithfully used the supplements as would be required of him, plus I am in my twenties, cancer-free, what do I know!?  After the first day his only comment was, “man, those supplements have the nastiest aftertaste!  I burp them up all day!”  Oh yea, I forgot about those fish oil tasting burps you get from the EO Mega, oooops!  But after day three his report to me was much different.  He looked like he had a new energy about him.  He excitedly told me how he felt so great since starting the LLV that he even mowed the lawn!  Now, this may seem like nothing, but his specific cancer targets the blood and bone marrow.  He had already been told that a bone marrow transplant would be absolutely necessary and this cancer is extremely painful for him.  He is actually shrinking as a result due to the crippling it does to the bones!  So getting up to mow the lawn, this is a HUGE victory!

As the days passed he noticed that the primary benefit he was seeing on the Life Long Vitality supplements was that his pain levels were decreasing significantly.  He was able to limit the amount of pain medication he was on, which, referring back to his desire to not have to rely on such strong medication was a huge blessing for him as LLV contains all natural, non-addictive ingredients.  He was even able to get his doctors to agree to allow him to continue his supplements while on the required chemo treatments for his bone marrow transplant.

As time has passed, his cancer has not miraculously been cured, and he has continued various “cocktails” of chemotherapy treatments, but he has found some hope in the hopelessness of his diagnosis.  He has hit many road bumps that have left him bed-ridden, spinal vertebrae that has broken at simple tasks such as pouring a glass of milk, and has lost great deals of weight along the way.  Currently, however, he is on the rise, while his cancer cell levels on the decline.  His current chemotherapy treatment is helping his cancer cell levels drop tremendously while his LLV is helping him feel good physically.  I spoke with him briefly just days ago as he told me he is feeling great and doesn’t want to miss a day without his LLV.  While he is on a fairly consistent chemo treatment I can see the happiness he feels in knowing that he is combating this monster with manageable doses of modern medicine, as well his desired holistic approach.

I don’t believe that my desire to share this knowledge that I have of holistic and natural health alternatives was a result of coincidence, or greed in any way.  I believe that I was inspired to be just a small instrument in providing the tools necessary to give my uncle hope in a hopeless situation.

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