LipSense and Essential Oil Beauty Magic!

To be honest, I’ve had a LOVE/HATE relationship with lipstick for as long as I can remember! It looks awesome when it’s freshly applied but then you need to make sure to check your teeth and heaven forbid you take a drink….lipstick on the glassware! So embarrassing! And before you know it your luscious looking lips are now completely void of color! Twice in my life I seriously had lip color tattooed onto my lips. So painful but so worth it, at least once the swelling went down and my lips peeled, but then before I knew it, the color started to fade. My body was absorbing the iron! All that money! All that pain! For nothing! At least nothing that would last! So, I resigned myself to using lip color from the cosmetic counters and would simply re-apply as needed….again and again and again. ARGHHHH!
Then I was introduced to LIPSENSE!!! I was so excited and their claims are true! It really does last for hours. In fact, it lasts, and lasts, and lasts, and lasts! In order to actually get it off I had to scrub so hard my lips almost seemed raw and that was with the Oops! Remover! Ouch!!! This just wasn’t going to work. There had to be another way! As I thought about it, an idea popped into my head. doTERRA CPTG Essential Oils!

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In the past I’d used lemon to get marker off the walls, stickers off plastic, wax off fruit, and etc. I wondered if it would have any effect on the LIPSENSE color! Many of you probably already know the answer… and the answer is a resounding YES!!! Not only did Lemon wisk it right off but so did Lavender, Peppermint, Lime and Wild Orange. The experimenting went wild! I had my hands covered in three layers of Lipsense in penny size circles all over my hands and waited for 30 minutes before doing anything with the oils just to make sure it was dry. All I had to do is put a drop or two of oil right onto the color, wait for a few seconds, and then simply wipe it off! No scrubbing, no raw lips, and no color remaining! My favorite was the Wild Orange, I think it worked the best!
Another WIN for doTERRA!

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