The Power of Touch

Life on a farm is a wonder to behold!  The miracle of birth.  The newness of life. The never ending cycle of nature.  As I quietly escorted my two younger children into the barn where the newly hatched chicks were now being kept, I reminded them to be extra careful about where they stepped and to be extremely gentle as they picked up the fragile little chicks, one at a time, into the palms of their hands.  Naturally, the chicks darted from one side of the barn to the other in attempts to avoid being caught.  But to no avail, Drake and Gabrielle were determined to hold those adorable little things! There were several varieties in this batch and finally after they had each caught and held one of each color, they were contented and ready to leave the barn.

As we were locking the barn door, I couldn’t help but think about how truly helpless those little chicks were.  Right at that moment, a memory from years ago suddenly popped into my head as we were getting into the car.  A dear friend of mine, who also had a large family, had decided to let her youngest two children get pet hamsters in hopes of teaching them some valuable life lessons.  One day, Rachel innocently brought one of the hamsters to her mother and said that for some reason the hamster was no longer moving.  When asked about what happened to the hamster, Rachel said, “When I caught the hamster, it wouldn’t hold still, so I QWEEEEEEZED it.”  Little did Rachel know that by tightly squeezing the poor little critter, she had actually squeezed the life right out of it.

These two innocent childhood vignettes illustrate by contrast, the Power of Touch!  Touch is a powerful tool!  The loving touch of a mothers hand can calm and soothe a crying child.  A gentle hand can caress and wipe away tears.  Touch can evoke a sense of security.  The touch of a skilled massage therapist can relax tense muscles, erasing pain.  Holding the hand of another can fill them with a sense of courage.  Hugs and kisses can help another feel loved and supported.  The intimate touch has extreme power of its own.  Over the years we have learned much about the power of touch as we’ve seen what happens to babies in orphanages who are denied adequate human touch and how they become lifeless shells even unto death.  Touch is the single most important thing you can give to another person who is transitioning from life to death.  The power of touch.

Isn’t it interesting that the very thing that can do so much to uplift, comfort, soothe, strengthen, give courage, love, etc… can also have the exact opposite effect when used in the wrong way and will damage, devastate, and ultimately destroy.  A slap, a pinch, a grab, a push, a shove, a harsh squeeze, rape, abuse, etc… each of these can elicit feelings of shame, guilt, embarrassment, fear, anger, and in the extreme can even cause the death of another.

What are we communicating to those we love by the way we touch them?  Does our touch help them feel valued, loved, supported, and safe? If not, we must take a closer look!  How do we choose to use this powerful tool?  Do we use it to inspire or intimidate, uplift or undo, calm or coerce, nurture or neglect, reassure or reject? Touch is an integral part of how we communicate with each other as human beings.  It’s vital for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, to touch others and to let others touch you.

One of the most powerful and positive methods of touch is found in doTERRA’s Aroma Touch Technique.  The gentle rhythmic touch coupled with the powerful effects of the CPTG Essential Oils provide an unparalleled, grounding experience for both the giver and receiver.  The Aroma Touch technique is an essential oil application applied to the back and the feet to create a feeling of overall wellness.  This technique is a must for every Father, Mother, husband, wife, son, daughter, and friend at Every Age and Every Stage of the human experience.

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