2016 Holiday Gift Guide

holiday gift guide

The leaves are turning, it’s pumpkin EVERYTHING, sweater weather and hot cocoa all around.  Can you feel the Peace and Joy all around already?  If not, you are about to as we are so excited to give you a first look at this year’s doTERRA Holiday Gift Guide!  There are soooooo many exciting new gifts […]

Finding Hope in Hopelessness


I’ll never forget the morning my uncle, an uncle I work with, called me into an office to discuss “something” with me.  Having worked in different departments this “meeting” that was called was very out of the ordinary.  I stepped into the office unaware of the bombshell that was coming.  “I have cancer.  Multiple Myeloma, […]

Life Long Vitality


Supplements have always made sense to me and when I take them, I feel like I’m at least attempting to provide my body with the nutrients that I know are necessary. Sure I try to eat a balanced diet but it seems like the junk and fast food often creep into my life and offer […]

LipSense and Essential Oil Beauty Magic!


To be honest, I’ve had a LOVE/HATE relationship with lipstick for as long as I can remember! It looks awesome when it’s freshly applied but then you need to make sure to check your teeth and heaven forbid you take a drink….lipstick on the glassware! So embarrassing! And before you know it your luscious looking […]

Emotional Aromatherapy Kit


One of the biggest ailments we face as a nation and as a people today, is mental health.  It is something we often shy away from and avoid open conversations about.  However, it should be noted that mental health as a term simply refers to your overall psychological well-being.  Mental health doesn’t always come with […]